Just my Ennea Type is Josh Green and Liz Carver, just a couple of millennials from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who believe the Enneagram can look good and help you grow. All of the magic happens on Instagram (@justmyenneatype), so head on over there, give us a “FOLLOW” and interact with our beautiful, empathetic community.

Josh Green currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where his full-time gig is as a campus staff minister with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Outside of work Josh loves connecting with people over sports, food, travel, culture, movies, among other things. As a 2w3, relationships are everything to Josh, and he loves how the Enneagram is another tool to help him understand himself, others, and highlights another layer to the world around us.

Liz Carver is a designer and artist who loves printmaking, color, and good visual communication. As a 5w4, she loves that her 5 curiosity fuels her 4 creativity. She lives in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where her day job is as Director of Communication and First Impressions at Eastbrook Church. She is also co-owner of Third Coast Paper, and manages the social account @hipscript.